Let it Go

A key part of living a meaningful life and being real is the ability to live in the present. Life is what is happening – like – right – now, okay? 

But, trust me, living in the present is way easier said than done. We may have real issues and radical stuff that stems from our sordid past. And then we roll in that old junk, over, and over again. It’s the human condition.

Some may tell you that the past does not exist, it is a mere little thought in your dumb-ass head, a kind of movie that you can just stop watching anytime you choose. I don’t quite get all of that. Everything I know  – I learned in my past experiences – and I’ve had some pretty damn real past experiences. And I have the scars to prove it.

So maybe, history is a great teacher and can be used to create a better future, however it is definitely over and done with, we can’t change it or gain any control over it.


 There is no point in getting sad or pissed over things we can’t control. Take the hard lessons learned and use them to live the Big Now with greater wisdom. 

The present moment is always lighter when we aren’t constantly dragging the past with us. The way forward is clearer when we aren’t always looking in the rear view mirror. Ditch the heaviness of the past and you have greater freedom. Freedom to live your journey as it happens.

Disturbing memories will occasionally gate-crash your party. Don’t let them take over. Recognise them for what they really are: over-and-done-with events that contain lessons on how to make the most of the Big Now. So even if these memories are bad we can learn from them and lift ourselves up  rather than letting them beat the crap out of us.

Seeing a bad past for what it truly is enables us to let go and be free all that unnecessary baggage. Dwelling on that old past is a pointless waste of energy. I demand that you take back that energy, reclaim it, and use it to live right now.

I shall endeavor to do like-wise.

Peace Out.

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